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Chapter One, Book Two: New Beginnings

I have just entered the next stage of my life and I no longer feel sure about anything I once thought I knew.  I love to learn.  If I don’t know something I read as much as I can until I feel sufficiently knowledgeable.  I used to feel that I had all the answers and even when I didn’t I knew I could easily find them.  Was it just the idealism of youth?  I thought I was completely self-aware and knew my strengths and weaknesses, my potential and my limits.  I recognized where I was lacking and knew where I was complete.  I now recognize that through a series of major life events (of which I will go into detail later) I started to very slowly come undone.  The unraveling was something I didn’t realize at first.  Day by day, with every passing year, I started to understand what was happening to me.  Now I am reevaluation myself and the direction on my life.  I hope to find answers here, by writing it down, getting it out of my head, and ultimately one day seeing what I cannot right now.  I welcome the opinions and wisdom of others.  I would love to find those who have feelings that echo my own, as well as people who have put in the time and have the experience to share the wisdom they have earned.  Here we go….


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