The New Ms. Siu

Who am I in this new chapter of life?


Washington D.C

Bio: I am newly married and newly unemployed. I am a beauty product junkie, avid reader, and possibly a writer. Since losing my job I have learned how to maintain a home and take care of a husband. I am however, struggling to reinvent my self-identity and keep my autonomy. In a perfect world, a job would be what you do, not who you are. Sadly the world is quite imperfect. If your job or career defines who you are, then who am I without it? The decision to marry was not something I came by lightly. I spent years thinking it would swallow me up and I would no longer know myself as an individual. I am now a wife and I have only just begun to learn what that means. Through this blog I hope to work it out by getting it out. I value other points of view and welcome your thoughts.

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